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maybe cross the country...

become a rock star

10 June
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  • AndrewsDrunkGurl
#1 fan, a beautiful mistake, a walk to remember, afi, alkaline trio, all things rock, all- american rejects, almost cool, amy lee, andrew mcmahon, angst, anti-flag, armor for sleep, atreyu, beastie boys, being alone, being dumb, billy talent, bleed the dream, blink 182, bob dylan, box car racer, boys night out, brand new, bright eyes, brody dalle, cavanaugh park, cheese, chucks, cleveland, clutch, coheed and cambria, count the stars, courtney love, crayons, crying, dark blue, dark blue jettas, dashboard confessional, daydreaming, death, death cab for cutie, dirty, don't look down, drinking, everytime i die, eyeliner, fall out boy, finch, french class, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, get up kids, gold fish, good charlotte, green day, guys in girl pants, hanson, hawthorne heights, hazen street, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, hugs, if i die, jacks mannequin, jimmy eat world, joel madden, konfusion with a k, konstantine, kurt cobain, less than jake, lil jon, lo la ray, lola ray, looking at the stars, matchbook romance, maxeen, mest, miss america, moneen, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, mr. c, muse, mxpx, my bed, my best friend, my car, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, nick giggler, nofx, pirates, pretty girls make graves, pretty in pink, punchline, radiohead, rain, rancid, rufio, runner up, ruthless, saves the day, say anything, senses fail, sid and nancy, silverchair, sitting in the dark, slc punk, sleeping, something corporate, something corporate pillowcases, space, spongebob, story of the year, straylight run, sugarcult, sum 41, taking back sunday, the academy is, the ataris, the breakfast club, the distillers, the early november, the format, the get up kids, the hives, the hush sound, the movielife, the postal service, the rocket summer, the runaway, the smiths, the spacepimps, the starting line, the unseen, the used, three days grace, throne, thursday, tyrone, vodka, warped tour, weed, weezer, william tell, writing, yellowcard