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i can't stand this house anymore!!!!!!!

i came home from school today and my sister went threw my room and they left my vodka and my SAT scores and shit i was hiding all thrown in a pile everything is out of my closet, shit is falling outta my dresser, everthing is out from under my bed and matteress. i need some privecy!!

my own apartment!!!!

how about i talked to my grandmother today and she knows how i'm pretty much losing my sanity in this house and so she is getting me and apartemnt!!!
i'm so pumped!!!
i feel all grown up ahahahahahah


i fucked up big last night.

i have making a turn into the gas station and i was in the turning lane and the only car coming was far off and so i turned but he was going to fucking fast that he hit the side end of me. my bumper fell off and the door is caved in shut. i was so scared i couldn't move the only thing i heard was everyone yelling call 911 and everyone was around me like 'omg are you ok?!?!?'. i was fine thank god. the guy has a fucking Youcon (sp?) i don't know how my little jetta just didn't spin or roll or anything.

i was scared shitless my dad didn't answer the phone so i called nicole and she and Bob came. Both were going crazy, i had never seen them like that.
they said that when they couldn't even get to me cuz of the police everywhere and the road blocked it was the worst feeling ever.
i tried calling my dad for like 20 minutes and i was leaving messages that i was in an accident. but he didn't answer even though the answering michan is right next to his bed.

at least i mattered to someone cuz my dad wouldn't even come down and get me. my grandmother came cuz she was the only one i could get ahold of but she just came down and yelled at me then left, that was the last thing i needed in the middle of my breakdown.
i was to shaken up to drive the car home, suprisinly it's drivable it's really a maricle someone had to of been watching over me. so Bob drove it home and i rode with Niocle.

my dad about killed me when i woke him up and even more so after i told him i wreaked the car and it was all down hill from there.

i slept for maybe 30 min.the whole night

senior year

first day of senior year and it sucked. i thought this was going to be my year, especial since my past high school years was pretty shitty due to my depression.
i was pumped for school to start, but i think that i was just expecting more out of it (even though it was the first day). all my classes sucks and i have no friends in my classes.

crossing my fingers that it will get better

after school Liz and i went and got coffee and talked for a few hours cuz her day was shitty too. i felt alittle better after that.
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The format and dashboard confessional

I saw the format on thursday!
they were so fucking amazing. and i was front and center so perfect.

ok so on the way hom from the format i was taking my friend home and she lives in like west bum-fuck (aka middle of nowhere). and it's like 1:30 in the morning and this girl is standing in the middle of the road screaming and waving her hands and yelling at us but we couldn't understand her we could only tell her was yelling even though our windows were down and no music and we were right next to her, she was walking towards my car. and you couldn't see her face just like white-blonde hair. i paniced, i couldn't breath i couldn;t do anything, i could barly drive but sam tried to get me to pull over but i couldn't with that person out there and we were in the middle of the woods. when we got to her house she had to drive my car home and her dad followed i was to shaken to do anything. i slept with the lights on.

Last night was Dashboard confessional!!! they have to be one of my favorite bands live it's just ...wow
haven't seen them for like 2 years and they are ever better than i remembered.played my fav. song off the new cd, the Secrets in the telling.
great night!
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yesterday at work was probly the funniest thin ever.
i work at a spa and it was a really slow day so all us girls were in the kitchan and i don't know how we got on the subject but Kari was telling everyone how she took me to the porn store. ahahahah. i was sooo embarassed and then an older lady that i work with was telling me all about her toys and how her fav. is anal beads and her and her husbands sex life, i was omg.
and my boss had implants like 25 years ago and now they are really hard so we are all like feeling eachothers boobs ahahahahah.
and we are all going to this strip club this week!!

SEPT. 19!!!!!!!

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Bon Jovi concert last night!!!
it was great!!

it was at Heinz field and the steelers were there and they had the super bowl trophy. everyone was going crazy!!

Played Living on a prayer which is my FAV. song and you give love a bad name.

it was a great night

new computer

i was very tired of my older sister never letting me use our family computer, even though she has her own laptop, but i don't think it works anymore. i only get it when she goes to work which isn't often.

so i got my own!!!! it's an imac
i love it so cute

i hooked it up last night but i still need to go buy a PC card so i can get internet from my room!!!

i'm pumped!!



First we went to McKees Rocks and i went to the peircing place and got my shelf done.
we were in the place and waiting for the peircer to be done with the other person and i turn to cassie and shaorn and tell them that i am going to get a "P" tattooed on one cheek and a "w" on the other to when i bend over it will say POW. and this scary tattooed biker guy next to me started laughing so hard
and he just kept laughing it was so funny. we made friends with him and he was telling us about the tattoo he was getting.WE MAKE FRIENDS EVERYWHERE WE GO.

then we went to Station Square and eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and the had a Rolling Stones cover band playing.
than we walked over to the Dancing fountain and watched it. it's so pretty at night cause you can see all the colors so well. and the had people the making balloon animals and i got a fishing rod with a fish on the end!! it's so cool than i went a pertened i was fishing in the fountain LOL.

since the city was all lit up and it looked so pretty so we wanted to ride the incline up to mt. washington so we could get greta pictures. i never realizes Pittsburgh was so pretty. we got picture of us all together on the skyline.
we got ice cream up there and the guy working at the ice cream shop asked where we are from and we are like Sewickley. and he goes "oh so you a munch of stuck up- millionaires" ahahah not really it's pretty funny how people stereotype sewickley people as rich stuck up people.

it was a very much needed night out. deffinitly cheered me up.

i have so many pictures!!!! ill post the later tonight thought
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